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Boss Precision Works Co., Ltd. provides the catalogue information for fasteners & screws, the product range includes:

  1. Construction Fasteners
  2. Furniture Screws
  3. JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) Screws
  4. Machine Screws & Sems Screws
  5. Carbon Steel Bolts and Stainless Steel Bolts
  6. Screws with Head Painting
  7. Screw with Stainless Cap
  8. Self Drilling Screws
  9. Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Concrete Screws
You can also view an online version of our printed catalog by clicking on the catalog picture, or click the below link to download screw catelogue PDF
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eCatalog | High-Precision Self-Tapping Screws for Industrial Applications

Located in Taiwan since 1994, Boss Precision Works Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer specializing in a wide range of screws and fasteners, including self-drilling, self-tapping, and eco-friendly coated screws. Dedicated to innovation, quality and sustainability, the company meets global construction and industrial needs with custom fastening solutions. Their commitment to environmental responsibility and precision manufacturing positions them as a leader in the fastener industry, serving a diverse clientele seeking reliable, high-quality products.

Boss Precision Works Co., Ltd. offers specialized manufacturing services for a range of fasteners, including custom solutions tailored to meet specific industry needs. Their service portfolio emphasizes environmentally friendly practices, precision engineering, and a commitment to quality and innovation, ensuring that customers receive high-performance products suitable for construction, industrial, and manufacturing applications.

BOSS has been providing precision fastening solutions, both with advanced technology and 21 years of experience, BOSS ensures each customer's demands are met.

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Stainless Steel Screw

Stainless Steel Screw

BOSS provide high quality of Stainless Steel screws which made in Taiwan. Stainless steel is the best at protecting screws from corrosion.Our company are able to offer 302, XM7, 304, 305 & 316 which can be used...

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Self-Drilling Screw

Self-Drilling Screw

Self-Drilling screws are designed to drilling through the hard surface object without drilling holes. BOSS manufactures with variety Self-Drilling screws and Drill points with #1 through #5. The dill point...

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Eco-Friendly Coating Screw

Eco-Friendly Coating Screw

BOSS is experienced and knowledgeable in surface coating screws, provide various types of coating service to meet customers' needs. Our company attach importance to environmental pollution in recent years,...

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