Machine Screws

Machine Screws

Machine screws are often used for precision electronic parts, and sheet metal applications as well as plastic applications. Generally a smaller fastener, usually has a Phillips or slotted recess.


  • Material: carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum
  • Diameter:
    • Machine Screws: #0 ~ #17 or M2 ~ M6.3
    • Sems Screws: #2 ~ #5/16 or M2 ~ M8
  • Length:
    • Machine Screws: 1/4~8" or 6mm ~ 200mm
    • Sems Screws: 1/8" ~ 3" or 4mm ~ 80mm
  • Standard: IFI, DIN, JIS, BS

Head Type

  • pan head, round head, oval head, hex washer head, hex head, flat (C.S.K) head, cheez head, truss head, round washer head, and etc.

Drive Type

  • phillips, star, pozi, square, slot, phillips/slot, phillips/square, hex socket (Allen Key), and etc.

Thread Type

  • machine screw, trilobular thread screw, and etc.

Washer Type

  • helical split washer, external tooth washer, internal tooth washer, flat washer, square cone washer, and etc.

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Machine Screws | Screw Supplier - BOSS

Boss Precision Works Co., Ltd., since 1994, is a global Machine Screws supplier that manufactures 2,000 metric tons of screws per year with annual sales of US$6 million.

BOSS supplies IFI, DIN, and JIS standard screws including construction screws, self-drilling screws, self tapping screws, stainless steel screws, concrete screws, machine screws and decking screws to meet worldwide clients' needs from the U.S., Canada, Europe and Japan, requirements. Both with advanced screw manufacturing technology and 21 years of experience, BOSS ensures each customer's demands are met.

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